Oreo was S/V Ganache's first boat cat. He joined the family in October, 1994, after bravely "running the dog gauntlet" with me at the Vancouver SPCA (to get out of the building, you have to exit through a corridor of kennels with madly barking dogs).

Oreo lived with Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy all his happy life. On September 22nd, 2001, he suffered a blood clot to his hind legs. While his initial recovery was very promising, and we were hopeful, it wasn't to be. He took a turn for the worse 3 weeks later and we let him go on the morning of October 21, 2001.

He was a vibrant, loving, fun and funny companion.
He was the best cat; you couldn't ask for better.
He made us smile every day.
We hope those who knew him enjoyed his company as much as we did.

He was our buddy.

He is dearly loved and sorely missed.

Copyright © Katrina Archer
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