Liberty 458

The Liberty 458 is a center cockpit cutter-rigged sailing vessel designed by Peter Hoyt in the early 1980s. The boats were built at the Shin Fa yard in Taiwan.

The hull is the same mold as the Kelly-Peterson 46 (I believe - I can never remember if it's the 44). The deck layout and interior are completely different however. Essentially, Peter Hoyt had a vision of the ultimate liveaboard interior and he needed a hull to put it in. Since over 200 of the Peterson hulls were built, the hull was a proven design. Under 35 Liberty 458s were built.

Liberty 458 deck plan

We love our boat. It has a wonderful layout, is a comfortable cruiser and an excellent bluewater boat. The interior is at once warm and functional.

Liberty 458 floor plan (differs from S/V Ganache's floor plan)

Peter Hoyt passed away in September of 2002. We are sorry we never met him but loved talking about the boat with him on the phone. His legacy will live on for a long time in these fantastic boats.

Liberty 458 General Operations Manual (880 KB PDF)

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