May 4, 2002

More Witman Manor Kittens

Here are kittens from two separate litters from the Witman Manor Maine Coon Cattery. The red/cameo litter is 5 weeks old. The silver litter is about 3 weeks old. This is Diesel's litter.

Here are the red kittens and cameo kittens.

Here's a closer look at the silver kittens.

Here's a litter of brown kittens. They are two days old.

4 comments on “More Witman Manor Kittens”

  1. Hello,

    I was writing to enquire whether you are the same Witman Manor Maine Coons that used to be in Antioch, California.

    In 2008, I was lucky enough to be chosen by a little mahogany red kitten, whom I named "Memphis". He was out of the Roja Caliente x Mr. Darcy litter. I visited GG many times and was wondering if you are affiliated with her legacy in some way?

    Thank you,

    Katrin M. Cusack
    Livermore, California

  2. No, these are pictures from when we were meeting our cat Diesel, whom we got from Witman Manor. I haven't seen GG in years as we moved away from the Bay Area. I believe she moved to SoCal.

  3. Georgetown died several years ago, of cancer. We had one of her retired queens and one of her kittens (now 15 years old!). We moved to Maine in 2007 and were surprised one day to find a Jehovah's Witness (GG was an active member) at our door, not to proselytize, but to tell us of Georgette's death. She was a great lady and we mourned her loss.

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