November 21, 2005

Volvo Ocean Race

[2012/06: This post was ported over from Kat's very old blog formerly in her section of the site.]

I took in some television coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race over the past couple of weekends and my jaw just dropped. Who says watching sailboat racing is boring?

These boats are nuts. The people who sail them must be wet for weeks at a time. Walls of water come pouring over the deck. The boats are going so fast they fly off the waves. Listening to the sounds as they interviewed crew members while underway - it was a constant rushing noise punctuated by intermittent booms and bangs.

Now, multi-hulls have been crazy to handle for several years now, but these are monohulls we’re talking about. Hats off to the crew. I couldn’t do it.

Judging by the damage reports coming out of the first leg, there’s room for plenty of drama on this race.

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