June 1, 2006

Italy Vacation

On May 12, 2006, we flew to Montreal for a weekend of family visits surrounding my grandmother's 90th birthday. From there, since we were almost halfway to Europe from our home base of Vancouver, we decided to fly on and take our first non-boating vacation in over 12 years, catching a red-eye on the 15th to London, then winging our way to Milan, Italy, where we picked up a snazzy little convertible rental car and took off for two weeks driving through Tuscany, Venice and Milan.

Strictly speaking, this was not a voyage of the S/V Ganache, but it was a great trip involving the crew, so I'm posting it to this portion of the site regardless.

There are more architectural features in the photos than usual, as I was conducting research for my book. Apologies if you don't like doors, windows, and old stone houses.

Itinerary & Travel Details

Food & Lodging

Tuscany Gallery

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