December 15, 2006
52 Knots!

Wooo! Woke up at 2:30 AM when the big storm rolled through. We don’t get too many westerley blows in the winter, but boy do we rock’n'roll in the bad ones. Still, we fared significantly better than the people whose trees fell on their cars. And we still have power. We just lost a few […]

December 11, 2005
The Risk of Deadheads

[2012/06: This post was ported over from Katrina's former blog on this same site] Many people highlight the risks of floating logs when sailing in the waters of British Columbia or the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Booms towed by tugs often lose a few logs during the journey over water. One of the more insidious risks […]

November 21, 2005
Volvo Ocean Race

[2012/06: This post was ported over from Kat's very old blog formerly in her section of the site.] I took in some television coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race over the past couple of weekends and my jaw just dropped. Who says watching sailboat racing is boring? These boats are nuts. The people who sail them […]

March 1, 1996
Abacos Islands, Bahamas

From Feb. 17th to the 24th, 1996, 10 intrepid cruisers sailed, laughed, snorkeled and drank their way around the Abacos Islands, Bahamas. These are the results.

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